Businesses @ the Ship – 2 Sports Moms

December 1, 2018

2 Sports MomsGod has given us all gifts and talents to do amazing things while we are on this earth. Sometimes we are afraid to step out on faith to go after our dreams and goals because of fear or other circumstances. In some cases, two heads are better than one when you have great ideas that you want to do in life. Christie Hall and Kyanne Jackson have showed us all how one great idea can birth a fantastic business.

2 Sports Moms is a vinyl t-shirt business that started over a year ago by friends Christie Hall and Kyanne Jackson. They decided to start a t-shirt business because between the two families their boys participated in about 8 teams and they were spending a lot of money on team shirts. By God’s grace, their business has far exceeded their expectations and they not only provide t-shirts for sports teams but all sorts of events and occasions. Christie and Kyanne are always feeling great when a customer tells them how much a simple t-shirt means to them. The two ladies put much time and energy into creating their items for people. They really love what they do and thank their friends, family, and church family for their tremendous support.