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Agape Ministry (Family Promise)

Carol Reid

Provide shelter, food and other assistance to homeless families.  Mobilize communities of congregations by partnering with social agencies to end homelessness, one family at a time.


Athletic Ministry (Tutoring Program)

Otus Miliner / Traci Joseph / Darren Watson

Creates various streams of athletic programs for youth and adults at FBBC.


Bread of Life



Broadcast Prayer Ministry

Pamela Richardson / Celestine Gavins

The Broadcast Prayer Ministry provides callers assurance that God cares about their every need. We encourage callers to trust God, to become saved or to rededicate their life to the Lord. We invite them to attend FBBC and/or encourage them to find a place of worship to grow and fellowship with other believers.


Bridge Ministry (YA Ministry)

Christie Hall / Kim Lake / Debbie Phillips

Caters to the spiritual, physical, emotional, financial and social needs of adults ages 25 – 40.


Broadcast Prayer Ministry

Pamela Richardson


Caring Hearts Ministry

Mary Harris


Children’s Church

Erika Kennedy / Cathy Clark

Provides Christian education and a Sunday worship experience compatible to children ages Pre-K thru 3rd grade.


Clothing Ministry

Bobby Thomas

Helps families meet their practical needs by providing clothing and sharing the word.


College Connection

Zelda Hill

Provides helpful tools to our high school graduates and provides tools to those who are in college.


Comforter’s Ministry

Brenda Hopson

Provides comfort and support to bereaved members of FBBC.


Culinary Team

Linda Deshazo | Tami Jones

Supports the various other ministries throughout the church by displaying a hunger for God and a craving to serve people; provide opportunity for everyone to experience Christian fellowship while enjoying a great meal.


Deacon Ministry

James Williams

Deacons assist the pastor in extending pastoral care to the congregation, as well as provide servant/leadership in the church. Deacons also lead the church in the support and care of the pastor. Upon biblical eligibility and evaluation, the selection of deacons is subject to the final approval of the pastor.


Event Planning Ministry

Jacqueline Farms

Creates, plans and administers various events scheduled at Fellowship Bible Baptist Church.


Education Ministry

Rev. John Jackson

Provides Christian Education to adults, youth, and children of the church.



Steven Dent

By employing a variety of witnessing tools this ministry seeks and offers salvation to those who are lost.


Food Bank Ministry

Robert Threatt

An evangelistic tool used to serve and connect with the community by being committed to helping feed families.


Girls in Action and Acteens

Traci Joseph

Encourages young ladies to serve the community through sharing the love of Jesus Christ.


Greeters Ministry

Yolanda Spurgeon

Serves as our greeters for worship or other church-related events. The ministry greets members and visitors with a warm, friendly welcome. They are the “frontline” of our church.


Health Ministry

Lavella Head

Offers various health screenings to those who suffer health issues or emergencies.


Hospitality Ministry

Latoya Lanier

Ensures that every first time visitor is welcomed in a friendly manner and greeted on a more personal level. Assists visitors in locating facilities. Provides information about the church and refreshments after worship services.


Liturgical Dance and Mime Ministry

Demetria Smith

Glorifies God through a new experience of dance and mime.


Media Ministry

Wesley Sanders

Responsible for the audio/visual presentation of the worship experiences. This ministry handles the recording and distribution of worship through various media (i.e. tapes, CDs, radio, video, etc…). The Media ministry helps to spread the FBBC experience through the aid of technology.


Men’s Ministry

Darick Martin

Designed to minister to the needs of men in FBBC. Its ultimate intent is to develop men who walk, work, and live in the image of God.

Mercy Showing Ministry

Treedmick Henderson | Cynthia Jackson

Meets the physical needs of the church family and community by ministering to the sick, bereaved and those who have experienced some type of tragedy. This ministry shares God’s bounty with the community through our annual Thanksgiving and Christmas basket distribution.



Mothers’ Board Ministry

Bettye Washington 

Senior women who are sound in the Word of God, provides wisdom and direction in living. The Mothers’ Board Ministry fulfills the ministry outlined in Titus 2:3-8. The Mothers also assist in the preparation of church sacraments (i.e. Baptism, Communion). The selection of the mother’s board is subject to the final approval of the pastor.


Music Ministry (Choirs-Men, Adults, Youth)

Alan Robinson

This ministry glorifies God through songs and playing of musical instruments


Nursery Ministry

Lori Hill

Provides quality care for infants and toddlers 0-2 years of age during worship services, Christian Enrichment, Bible Study, and special events.


Prayer Ministry

Linwood Gulley 

Intercedes with prayer on behalf of the pastor and his family, our church’s vision, our members, harvest of lost people, our communities and those who request prayer.


Prison Ministry (Men; Women)

Leslie Lake | Gladine Spyies

Spreads the Gospel and nurture disciples behind prison walls, so that men and women become new creations in Christ redeemed, restored, and reconciled through the love and truth of Jesus Christ.


Royal Ambassadors Ministry

Raymond Brewster

Christian men as role models to enrich the lives of young men ages 5-17 who lack a father-figure by sharing activities, one on one time and connecting through individual phone calls.



Bernard Chambers

Fulfills a ministry of help, watchfulness, and intercession on behalf of leadership.  Designed to protect and serve the pastor (and first lady) not only physically but spiritually. Also serves in all capacities that the pastor deems necessary.   They are always alert to those entering the grounds and facilities of FBBC to ensure members feel secure to move freely at all times. Likewise security will protect and serve guest ministers of the pastor when they are attending services or events that are provided through FBBC. This position is a servant-type position given to the most trusted, mature Christian men who always have the pastor’s best interest at heart. The selection of security is subject to the final approval of the pastor.


Smooth Steppers Dance Ministry

Zelda Hill

Provides a time to enjoy dance with a fellowship of believers.


Southern Heritage Ministry

Linwood Gulley

Provides encouragement to those in the Southern Heritage Assisted Living Facility by sharing the word of God, prayers, songs, and sermons each month.


Theatrical Ministry

Cheryl Clay

The drama ministry is used to reinforce the overall message of Kingdom living and it is used in a stand-alone context to meet people on their ground; uses Bible demonstrations, presentations, Kingdom acting and dramatic stories as evangelism tools.


Transportation Ministry

Carlos Kennedy | Frances Johnson

Provides transportation to worship services on Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings, and special events for those in need.


Usher Ministry

Robert Gilbert

Doorkeepers direct ‘human traffic’ upon entering the House of the Lord; ushers provide courtesy, hospitality, seating, childcare, and order during worship to members and visitors alike.



Women’s Fellowship Ministry

Karen Strong | Terese Martin

Ministers to the spiritual, social, and emotional needs of the women of FBBC while developing virtuous women of God.


Youth Ministry

Debbie Phillips

Provides Christian education and socialization compatible to young people including developing a positive self-image, high self-esteem, and developing the confidence of knowing that they can accomplish all things through Jesus Christ. Ages range from Pre-K thru 5th grade (God’s Gifts Children) and 6th grade thru college (H.Y.P.E. Youth Ministry).



Theresa Thomas

provides a setting where patients can talk about living with cancer with other people who may be living similar experiences.

Parents of Special Needs

Diana Johnson

learn how to cope and deal with the challenges of raising special needs children God’s way with support of love, care, and compassion.