Wellness Wisdom – PTSD

November 8, 2022

Written by Nicole Baldwin FNP-C, Family Nurse Practitioner

On Friday November 11, 2022, the country will honor our Veterans. Veterans Day is a time for us to honor those who
served in the U. S. Armed Forces and to reflect on their heroism. Many war veterans experience a condition called
PTSD. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder encompasses a variety of symptoms including vivid memories, trouble
concentrating, feeling irritated, or feeling constantly on edge. Reactions to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder may disrupt
one’s life if not well controlled. Avoiding people or places that bring back unfond memories, considering harm to oneself
or others, losing interest in things that one used to care about, or having difficulty sleeping are ways that PTSD may be
noticed. Those with PTSD must remember it is ok to avoid situations that may trigger PTSD symptoms, such as
fireworks or military funeral services. Many veterans have found relief of their symptoms by professional counseling or
therapy, and live healthy lives. Medications are also used at times to reduce anxiety, tension, or to promote restful
sleep. Understanding how to react to stressful memories is the first treatment for PTSD. Talking with other veterans or
those who have experienced trauma may help in coping. There are mental health apps that cover a variety of topics
including PTSD. The apps: Mindfulness Coach, PTSD Coach, and Caring4WomenVeterans are available on
Android and Apple platforms.

PTSD may also affect civilians and are a result of some form of physical or mental trauma. No matter the signs, there
is support available to get your life back on track. Contact your local VA services, psychiatrist, or your primary health
care provider for resources.

Be healthy and stay well!

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