Support Group Ministry

Support Group MinistryTheresa Thomas and Diana Johnson

The Support Group Ministry is a group of people that meet alongside each other to encourage, motivate and to lift each other up in a way that they will not want to give up hope while they are going through tough times such as bereavement, divorce or simply a loss of job etc. At Fellowship Bible Baptist Church, we have two wonderful and caring leaders who dedicate their time, energy and love to support the members in these groups.

Mrs. Theresa Thomas works with the cancer group where she provides a setting where patients can talk about living with cancer with other people who may be living similar experiences. Having cancer or even someone who has gone through cancer can be difficult and hard on individuals. Being in an awesome support group can help a person to cope with their situation much better.

Diana Johnson works with parents of special needs and strives to help them learn how to cope with the challenges of raising special needs children God’s way with the support of love, care and compassion. It is so vital to have leaders who are not only knowledgeable about support groups but have a caring heart as well that depicts the love of Jesus Christ in every way.

Written by Cheryl Clay