Leslie Lake/ Gladine Spyies

Prison MinistryIt is very important that we support and build up our prison ministries as much as possible all over the world. God’s Word is powerful and is the only way that touches the hearts of inmates whose lives have already been shattered in ways we will never know or expect. Some often feel that their life is over and feels like death is far greater than to live behind bars. Many of our local churches have prison ministries that are changing lives and helping inmates to realize that there is hope beyond prison bars and that is salvation. Spreading the love of Christ through a prison ministry is the most powerful and rewarding thing that an inmate can receive. What a blessing to know that there is life after death and some inmates are on death row. However, having received Christ as their Lord and Savior is truly a blessing and give hope, peace and encouragements to inmates who have given up. The prison ministry at Fellowship Bible Baptist Church spreads the Gospel and nurture disciples behind prison walls. This enables men and women to become new creations in Christ redeemed, restored, and become reconciled through the love and truth of Jesus Christ. Jesus said He has come to proclaim freedom to captives and promised blessing to those who visited people in prison. Paul and Silas sang hymns, prayed with their fellow prisoners, and shared the gospel with their jailer in Philippi. Americans are jailed more than 11 million times a year, while 641,000 people are released from prisons. Still, few churches have an organized jail ministry. It’s not too late to make a difference and it will truly be a blessing to let others know that we can spend Eternity with Jesus Christ someday, if we believe in His Word.

Written by Cheryl Clay