Physical Activity During COVID-19

July 4, 2020

Regular physical activity is important for good health, especially important to losing or maintaining weight. Being physically active can make you more energetic, improve mood and reduce the risk of developing a chronic disease.

With most of our daily movement restricted during COVID- pandemic keeping to an exercise routine can become difficult. And getting some movement in may make you feel frustrated that it is not at the same level of activity as before. But more than ever exercise is important, it can have a huge impact on our anxiety, stress and depression.

Even though we’re mostly housebound, you can still find ways to incorporate movement into your day. Try to think of physical activity as a lifestyle choice, rather than as a designated event. This may help sustain you in times like these, when your schedule has been upended.

  • Use your chores. Household tasks like scrubbing, sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming can all add up when done at a brisk pace. They also work the muscles in your arms and legs.
  • Exercise during commercial breaks. Many of us are watching more TV. Make the commercials and credits count by adding in some squats, jumping jacks, push-ups, or lunges.
  • Take advantage of pauses during the day. When you’re waiting for something to finish or start. You can fire off some arm exercises or practice some yoga poses while the dinner is in the oven or during those 15 minutes before a Zoom meeting.
  • Move around the house more. Walk around while you’re making calls. Take an extra lap or two around the house if you have to put something away.

Also check with health care provider or a fitness specialist about the right amount of activity and calories for you.

Written by LaVella Head