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Use this space for a short introduction that welcomes people to the blog and describes its purpose. Blogs differ from news in that they are often more philosophical, story-focused, or opinion-based. They are a great way to introduce a sermon topic at the beginning of a week or to explain a hard decision to the congregation, for example.

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Domestic Violence & Abuse Awareness

Since 1987 October has been designated as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The entire month shines a spotlight on a serious and sensitive illness facing our Nation.

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Getting The Mental Health Care We Need

Getting The Mental Health Care We Need

We seek out professional help in several areas. If we need to fix a vehicle, we seek assistance of an automobile mechanic. If we want to build a home, we consult architects, contractors, and bankers. If we get sick, we look to medical professionals — except when it comes to our mental health. We either avoid the warning signs —thinking we are too strong and can handle the pressures of life without help or we erect other barriers.

Your Mind Matters

Your Mind Matters

As we focus this month on abuse and mental illness, it is well known that these two can coincide. There are also many cases of individuals who have mental illness and live healthy lives with supportive relationships. Mental illness NEVER justifies abuse.