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Use this space for a short introduction that welcomes people to the blog and describes its purpose. Blogs differ from news in that they are often more philosophical, story-focused, or opinion-based. They are a great way to introduce a sermon topic at the beginning of a week or to explain a hard decision to the congregation, for example.

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It’s 2023, And the Church is STILL ALIVE!

Congratulations! Since you are reading this article, you’ve made it to the New Year and therefore, congratulations are in order. But not only are you alive, so is The Church – that body of believers that Christ established over 2000 years ago.

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Never Would Have Made It

Never Would Have Made It

For the June 2020 Navigator I interviewed Pastor Tolan Morgan. Fellowship Bible Baptist Church had been shuttered due to the COVID-19 pandemic since March 15 of that year, and there was no end in sight. I quoted Pastor Morgan explaining the secret for survival for FBBC and other ministries.

Wellness Wisdom – January is Thyroid Disease Awareness Month

Wellness Wisdom – January is Thyroid Disease Awareness Month

This month allow me to talk with you about Thyroid Disease. Have you been feeling tired, gaining weight, or feeling depressed? Are you concerned about thinning hair, dry skin, poor sleep quality, or heart palpitations? You may have thyroid dysfunction.