Music MinistryA church music ministry is an action or service that is done in response to God’s call on a person’s life. The music ministry uses music to serve God in such an uplifting and anointing way. Praises are being ushered in when a choir is singing songs that gives reverence to God and glorifies Him in a mighty way. Music ministry is generally expressed as service to the congregation of a church. The ministry literally sets the tone for praise and worship as the congregation enters the sanctuary. Members of the gospel using the tool of music to achieve their mandate rather than entertainers, the music ministry has both biblical and spiritual roles to play in worship to God. The music ministry in any church is vital, and its impact for good or bad on a church is immeasurable. The music of any church should always bring glory to our Lord and. Savior Jesus Christ. The goal for any music ministry is to lead others into true worship. The whole congregation is approaching God and fully expressing itself to God in worship and praise. This is the atmosphere in which God is free to move. We need to flow with the Spirit or anointing. This releases Him. The more accurately we learn to move with Him and express Him, the greater the release of Power. The music ministry at Fellowship Bible Baptist Church under the leadership of Alan Robinson is doing an outstanding job and is dedicated to giving all the praises, honors and worshiping to God and God alone. The ministry glorifies God through songs and playing of musical instruments.


Written by Cheryl Clay