Ministry in Action: Youth Ministry

Since its prolific founding 36 years ago, FBBC’s Youth Ministry has cemented a platform that embodies all the necessary components to help generations to come in tune with Christ. What’s even more interesting is that FBBC’s Youth Ministry played a key part in the initial growth of the church. As it is stated, by Rev. Jonathan Lowder Sr. Director of Children & Youth Operations, church founders— the late Willie L. Reid, Sr. & Gloria Reid would canvas the local neighborhoods and pick children up for church, thus attracting their parents to church, ultimately enhancing the church’s growth. In addition to FBBC’s founders, trailblazers such as Barbara Harris, Shirley Gilbert, Maurice Clay, Darryl Vining and the late Pastor Teddy Parker, Jr. also assisted with the foundation that Generation X is able to stand on today.

FBBC’s Youth Ministry boasts several auxiliaries that allow them to express their talents and spiritual gifts from God. “There are so many – the Angel Choir, God’s Gift Children’s Ministry, Liturgical Dance Ministry, Worship Team, Acteens, Royal Ambassadors, just to name a few,” stated Rev. Lowder. “We also host a ‘Be A Blessing Toy Drive’, Black History Events, Back-to-School Supply Drives as well as traveling to different conferences across the state.”

Presently, ‘Generation X’ holds the platform within the Ministry — a generation that requires a lil’ extra ‘TLC’ during these tumultuous times we live in. According to Rev. Lowder, different approaches are taken to deal with such aspects. “We approach our youth with the ‘Four Corner Mentality’ a spiritual, social, physical & mental strategy. We find, within this strategy, that they see how God thinks about them and it encourages them to use their gifts and talents to serve and bring honor to God because youth who don’t know that you care don’t care what you think!” Rev. Lowder added that since his invocation in the Youth Ministry, it has become a more ‘out of the box’ Ministry and his life has been truly blessed because of his efforts.

“Encouraging, volunteering and supporting are ways FBBC as a family can become involved with our youth.” When we see our youth ministering, don’t sit and spectate — show how proud you are of them that they are in the body of Christ using their gifts to bless God and be a blessing to others!” Well said Rev. Lowder! For more involvement with FBBC’s Youth Ministry you can contact: Rev. Jonathan F. Lowder Sr. , Director of Children & Youth Operations, (478) 929-0828 Ex. 201.



Written by LaToya Robinson