Ministry in Action: The Culinary Ministry

The Culinary Ministry at Fellowship Bible Baptist Church serves in various capacities during events here at the Ship. This Ministry is always cooking up something special to help meet the needs of God’s people and they do it with a touch of class. The Culinary Ministry’s vision is to glorify God by preparing and presenting the best food service when we come together and fellowship as a church family.

This past year, the Culinary Ministry has catered various breakfast celebrations, banquets, weddings, Pastor’s Anniversary, birthdays and much more. At every event, they make sure that both the food and presentation are stellar. The Culinary Ministry is responsible for the maintenance of the kitchen and its contents. They keep an up to date inventory of the church’s kitchen equipment and supplies to make sure they have everything they need for any upcoming events.

This Ministry also schedules the use of the kitchen and Fellowship Hall and are in charge of purchasing all food items for functions or other events requested by Pastor Morgan and other ministry leaders. Both women and men in the Ministry work together to plan, set up, prepare and serve delicious, nutritious meals to the body of Christ and we are thankful for their faithful service.

Written by Cheryl Clay