Ministry in Action: Motherboard

“As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you; and ye shall be comforted in Jerusalem.” Isaiah 66:13 (KJV)

In the noted scripture above, God likens himself to a mother, bringing to mind the comforting ability of a loving mother. This month’s ministry highlight is the Motherboard Ministry—a ministry that exemplifies and displays those “comforting abilities” within the FBBC family. “People think that it’s about the status, but it’s about the work.” A very prominent statement made by one of the Motherboard’s founding members, Bettye Washington—a statement that constitutes the very essence of what this ministry represents: HARD WORK & DEDICATION. Founded in 1981, the Motherboard Ministry serves as an “Armor Bearer” for Pastor Morgan and his family. These “FBBC Mothers” provide the extra TLC that is essential to the pastorship of Pastor Morgan and the FBBC family as a whole.

“A lot of members aren’t aware that we also provide counseling services for those in need as well,” stated Washington. In addition to providing a listening ear for those in need, the Motherboard Ministry is also responsible for communion services and baptisms.

As the new future of FBBC is on the horizon, Washington stresses that the time has come for new mothers to step up. “I’ve recently selected six new mothers for the ministry.” A task in which Washington says she purposely chose younger women in the selection process so they can grow alongside Pastor Morgan, just as she and her fellow mothers grew with Pastor Reid. “As a ministry, we would like to see more involvement from the younger generation, time for us original mothers to step down.”

As a member of this ministry, you can expect to develop strong, lasting relationships with Godly women. Washington reflects on how she and her mothers are prayer warriors and fasting partners.

It seems as though the future of the Motherboard Ministry lies solely in the hands of the younger generation, as do most aspects of life these days. Expect the unexpected in the future from this ministry as it seeks to refresh and recharge with the New Mothers of Generation X.

(Writer: LaToya Robinson)