Ministry in Action: Men’s Ministry

“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17 (ESV)

Previously referred to by the F.B.B.C. family as ‘Men’s Fellowship’, the Men’s Ministry has evolved greatly over the past few years, according to Ministry leader Brenton Gibson. “Pastor Morgan and I met together to discuss taking the Men’s Ministry to the next level” stated Gibson. Under the appropriate theme for the Ministry, “Building Kingdom Men”, several auxiliaries have been added to the Ministry in order to create a myriad of services for the F.B.B.C. family and the local community. These auxiliaries include: KM (Kingdom Men) Culinary Unit, KM Usher Team (4th Sundays) and KM Maintenance Team.

In addition to these auxiliaries, the Men’s Ministry also make themselves accessible to the Genesis Center of Perry, GA. “We provide the young men there with toiletries, mentorship and pizza,” adds Gibson. As a link to the mentoring, Gibson highlights that the Ministry will be holding their first installment of “Boys to Men” panel at the upcoming F.B.B.C. Men’s Conference—a panel Gibson hopes will provide an outlet for young men to express their concerns with their trivial years, as well as bridge the gap between the younger and older generation of men within the church. “We as an older generation can always learn from the young and in turn teach them the correct way,” expressed Gibson. Under the new direction of Pastor Morgan, the Men’s Ministry of F.B.B.C. hopes to develop a lasting ‘Kingdom of Men’ that will reclaim their territory and allow God to lead them in their daily activities throughout life and stay aligned with God’s will. A mission well stated.

Written by LaToya Robinson