Ministry in Action: Media Ministry

Whether you’re streaming, reading the Navigator, or keeping up with FBBC’s social media, the Media Ministry here at Fellowship is behind the scenes making it all happen. Kimberly Lake, the leader of this ministry, has been on board here at ‘The Ship’ for 11 years. “The Media Ministry has been a part of FBBC since its early years in ministry” says Kimberly. In the ‘little church’ the early Media Ministry consisted of a sound system, single camera and VCR.

Right now the Media Ministry is broken down into 4 parts. There are the ‘Worship Volunteers’ who operate the light, sound and video equipment during our worship services. The ‘Media Room Volunteers’ who make the orders for all sermons on DVDs and CDs. The ‘Social Media Volunteers’ keep the church’s Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages up to date. And finally, there are the ‘Navigator Volunteers’ who write original articles for the magazine.

“In today’s world, technology changes rapidly so now our focus is to find areas where we can keep up with new trends. Currently, we use online streaming, a weekly TV broadcast, video announcements and social media to connect with our audience” says Kimberly. Pastor Morgan has been very supportive of this new focus and was vital in helping the ‘Ship Sound’ renovations that upgraded the video, lighting and sound technology become a reality.

How can you become a part of this ministry? It’s as simple as emailing Kimberly at With the ever changing trends in technology what can we look forward to in the future from this Ministry? “We have some exciting updates coming but I can’t say what they are just yet” says Kimberly. Stay tuned!


Written by LaToya Robinson