Ministry in Action: Health Ministry

A little red heart pops up on the main screens in the sanctuary during worship and immediately our Health Ministry springs into action. Lavella Head co-leader of the ministry says “our main goal is to provide emergency assistance to members during worship services. We have 1 or 2 nurses, or medical personnel on duty every Sunday and other services to provide emergency assistance for members. For example, blood pressure checks, blood sugar checks or treatment for allergic reactions.”

Their mission is to cultivate the lives of our members and community into a unison state of health and wellness of the mind, body and spirit via evangelism, health education, preventative programs, screenings and other health related services. “Pastor Morgan has supported the Health Ministry since his arrival by encouraging members to participate in events and screenings. He also ensures that our ministry gets the supplies needed for every building on our campus. We are AED equipped along with other medical supplies in the Faith Dome, Chapel and Gym,” says Head.

The Health Ministry aims to have at least three educational events every year that cater to all members starting from youth to seniors. Most recently, they sponsored a ‘Dragons Look Good Smoking People Don’t’ anti-smoking program during youth church. They are making an impact not only here at The Ship, but out in the community. The ministry has partnered with the city of Warner Robins for the ‘Adopt-A-Road’ project
and facilitate litter pick up every quarter to help keep Warner Robins beautiful.

Are you a FBBC member in the medical field and want to help? The Health Ministry meets the first Tuesday at the beginning of each quarter. Not a member of the medical community but want to continue supporting the ministry? “Our FBBC family can come out to our planned events and encourage others to do the same. They can also give us ideas on issues or events they would like to see happen at our church.”

Written by Kimberly Lake