Ministry Highlights Broadcast Prayer Ministry

Pamela Richardson / Celestine Gavins

broadcast prayer ministryThe Broadcast Prayer Ministry at Fellowship Bible Baptist Church provides callers assurance that God cares about
their every needs. They encourage callers to trust God, to become saved or to rededicate their life to the Lord. They
invite them to attend FBBC and /or encourage them to find a place to grow and fellowship with other believers.

The Broadcast Prayer Ministry is a powerful ministry that believes in the “Power of Prayer” and encourage
others to do the same. It is very essential for every Christian to have a good prayer life and to be able to talk to God because He is our Father. Having a good prayer life is also important because this is what Jesus did and the miraculous things that happened when He prayed. Jesus prayed alone, in public, before healings, and before and after meals. He taught us the importance of prayer including the Lord’s Prayer which is found in Luke 11:2-4 and Matthew 18:19-20. If Jesus prayed and it worked for Him, the same will work for us if we truly believe. Despite all of the negative things that are going on in the world, worrying is not the solution. We have the power to pray and let God do the rest. Fellowship Bible Baptist Church is blessed to have a ministry who loves to pray for others.

Sometimes people just want someone to listen to what they have to say because they are hurting inside. Some may even have other problems that they do not know how to cope with at that particular time. This is a great time to be a good listener and a pray warrior. We may never know what a person is going through but God does and He will give us the right words to say to someone who needs prayer. As Christians, we must learn to pray for others as well as ourselves. We serve a great God who loves us all and wants us to talk to Him not only when we have problems but because He loves His children. We also must learn that we do not have to ask the Preacher, Deacons or others to pray for us all of the time. We all can go to God in prayer at any given time. We should never, under estimate the power of prayer. In other words “Prayer Changes Things.”

Written by Cheryl Clay