Wesley Sanders

Wesley SandersMedia Ministries are now more important than ever. They amplify the churches message which in terms will keep the entire body knowledgeable to what is happening or is going to happen at a church. The media ministry has a wide variety of responsibilities. During worship service or other large events, they operate the sound board for the worship band and speakers, including the pastor’s audio or video recordings of a sermon. Fellowship Bible Baptist Church is blessed to have one of the best media ministries around. Brother Wesley Sanders and the media ministry team do an excellent job making sure that everything is up and running smoothly at the Ship. The team consist of children and adults and they both are train to operate different media task and do an awesome job for the church every Sunday. This is not a one-man effort but a team effort and everyone on the team has to do their part with perfection in order for the work to flow. The team is responsible for the audio/visual presentation of the worship experiences. This ministry handles the recording and distribution of worship through various media (ex: tapes, CDs, radios and videos.) The Media Ministry helps to spread the FBBC experience through the aid of technology in such an awesome way. Fellowship is truly blessed to have one of the best media ministries around and the best is yet to come.

Written by Cheryl Clay