Healing House 1 Residential Care

Healing House 1 Residential Care is a fairly new business owned and operated by Essie Davis. She has had more than twenty years of experience working with people who are developmentally disabled and the elderly. Healing House 1 Residential Care provides individualized care and assistance for residents to maintain as well as develop their self-help skills. Mrs. Davis has a special needs son who is now an adult. The love and dedication for her son, as well as others, has made her love for Healing House 1 Residential Care even more special.

She believes that all people have the right to benefit and enjoy what many of us take for granted: the ability to live a life with those we love, have a fulfilling occupation and to be a vital member of a community. Mrs. Davis feels that it is important to serve this community with love, honor, dignity, and respect. She also believes that for many, their potential is best reached when they are a part of the everyday community receiving training and support under the care of loving people.


Essie Davis