Greeter’s Ministry

Yolanda Spurgeon

A church greeter is the first and last person people see when visiting a church. This makes it one of the most important jobs in the church.
Church greeters are part of the ministry team and form part of the first impression that a visitor receives. The Greeter’s Ministry is committed to dynamically greeting, and reaching out and receiving people to worship, entering the sanctuary. Assisting worshippers in a hospitable manner entering
church, to hear the Word of God.

The Greeter’s Ministry at Fellowship Bible Baptist Church serves as our greeters for worship other church related events. The ministry greets members and visitors with a warm friendly welcome. They are the “frontline” at the church at the door ready to meet and greet visitors with a warm welcome that reflects the love of Christ. When my family first joined Fellowship, the church was just getting started. After visiting several churches in Warner Robins, God lead us to Fellowship Bible Baptist Church, which was a part of a small storefront in Buzzell Village.

When we walked in, a greeter was at the door with a big smile on her face. She made us feel like we were already members of the church. I told my husband that Fellowship was the place that I wanted to be. The greeter that was at the door when we first attended Fellowship is still a member of Fellowship today. Her name is Mary Warner and she still wears a big smile every time I see her. Every ministry is important in a church, but the Greeter’s Ministry sets the tone for all visitors.