Faith & Fitness: Getting in Shipshape

August 31, 2019

getting in shipshapeLast year’s, 2018, Inaugural Faith and Fitness Month was a huge success. With enthusiasm Brother Jimmy Banks states, “The Trail Blazer’s – with over 100 participants – took the lead in participation and were followed closely by the Women.” Pastor Morgan emphasized his support by stating, “We should care for our physical needs and discipline our bodies so we are at our best for God’s service.” Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit. 3 John 1:2.

Based on last year’s participation and this year’s anticipated participation in the Faith and Fitness Events, the “hope” of Pastor Morgan and the Apostle John is being embraced by the FBBC Family. The evidence supports that we are “Re-shaping the Ship.” Shipmates are getting in “Shipshape” – physically and spiritually.
The goal of this ministry and this year’s slate of events is not to make the crew exercise, but to encourage all shipmates to be proactive in embracing a healthier lifestyle. Brother Banks states, “Fellowship and fitness is a way to improve the quality of life for all ages regardless of abilities or disabilities.”

The successful events of last year became the launching pad for this year’s slate of events. Last year’s overwhelming participation of the ladies led to creation of this year’s couples challenge called “Growing Fit 2gether.” Regardless of age, all shipmates will easily find an event or events in which to participate and without a doubt; the youth will have several age appropriate activities.

Whether your thing is track & field, horseshoes, beanbag toss, spades, dancing, low impact, no impact, there is an activity with your name on it. A prime example is the Seasoned Saints Social. They will launch a night of dancing on September 7th with a Hawaiian Luau.

Although we highlight “Faith and Fitness” once a year, similar activities and events occur throughout the year.
Sister Aminti Coleman rolled out a fitness and nutrition program she called, “Get Fit at the Ship.” During the two-month program (July and August), she used her skills as a personal trainer to lead the crew through regimen of health conscious uncharted water. Proper nutrition accompanied by appropriate exercise equals better health – and maybe weight loss.

The men over forty get together for some fun and fellowship on the basketball court every Thursday night from 6:30 to 8:00. If 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 is your thing, then Thursday night at the gym is where you need to be. They tell me “the Pastor got game.”

During school months, the gym is open on Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. for study hall and tutoring.

According to Brother Banks, the committee is constantly working to bring new adventures to The Ship that deal with recreational fitness. “We are looking to partner with Pro Nation – an organization that inspires athletes to train and develop their game with emphasis on basketball camps, league play, plus skills and drills for youth and adults.” Jimmy Banks.

The Apostle Paul traveled “roughly 10,000 miles through western Asia and parts of Europe to preach about Jesus and Christianity.” Ray Konig, Most of those miles were traveled on foot. The introduction of social media has made sharing the gospel much easier. A text, post, pod cast, or an email instantly shares the gospel around the world but nothing can replace sharing the gospel the old-fashioned way – face to face. Last month several shipmates participated in our annual “Ship in the Street Evangelism Campaign.” During the campaign, shipmates carried the gospel to the community – nursing homes, hospitals, market places, door to door. Physical conditioning played a role in the success of the campaign.

“We should care for our physical needs and discipline our bodies so we are at our best for God’s service.” Pastor Tolan Morgan.

The Ship has set sail toward a life of better health by “Getting in Shipshape!”


Written by Henry Hopson, Jr.