Event Planning Ministry

event managementEvery church needs and event planning ministry to keep the church up and operating effectively and properly. The planning ministry is a group of trained individuals who have expertise to carry out the necessary task for planning and organizing church functions. The event planning committee plan programs and events to help support the mission of the church. The ministry should have a mission to connect, grow and serve. It is very important that the event planning ministry plans for all events and allow ampere time so that the upcoming task will be executed properly. Thinking ahead when planning will also help you clarify the most important components of your event, the event planning ministry at Fellowship Bible Baptist Church is an outstanding ministry with five-star status. The ministry provides Christian Education to adults, youth and children of the church. We all have witnessed the awesome work that the event planning ministry has done in the past, present and will continue to do in the future at FBBC. God has blessed us to have an event planning ministry, who will settle for nothing but the best for God’s people at the Ship.


Written by Cheryl Clay