E-Crew Spotlight – Darius Nelson

August 7, 2022

Fellowship Bible Baptist Church E-Crew Spotlight for August 2022 is Darius Nelson

Darius Nelson AKA Darius the hilarious Aquarius lol, was born and raised on the eastside of Detroit, MI. He has worked for Medstar Ambulance for 15 years and is also a part time barber. He currently doesn’t have any children but he has his mom and he is the oldest with 2 siblings. He is the BEST UNCLE EVER. He’s currently dating someone that he “really likes.” He enjoys sports.

In 2020 the Pastor at his “old Jesus crib” retired and he felt like he was no longer growing. Then the world shut down due to Covid. It caused Darius to pray more and seek God’s direction. So, he joined FBBC. He’s proud to say that there are 20-30 others who are tuned in every Sunday because of his E-Crew ministry. Darius enjoys being a member because his growth has been elevated ever since. He’s grown in his studying, sharing the Gospel, prayer life etc. He is connected to Pastor Morgan through close friends that he considers family. He’s been rocking with Pastor Morgan a long time especially when he would do the revivals at his old church.

Darius hasn’t made it to the Dome yet, but he said he’s coming soon! Those who he shares the link with every Sunday keep telling him to plan a road trip to come visit. We may see them in the building before the summer is out. Though we’re not in the building, the anointing still flows all the way to the EASTSIDE. Darius and those who watch from their homes, are texting one another as if they were right there in the building.

Darius Nelson