Businesses @ the Ship – Mary Kay

We live in a society where appearance means a lot and taking care of God’s temple is important. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best and to feel great about yourself. However, we must make sure that we take care of our bodies both spiritually, physically and mentally. Women all over the world have been searching for a skin care product that will enable them to have beautiful skin. I like to call it that baby skin look.

Finding the right skin product is essential but you also must eat right, drink enough water and keep your skin cleansed daily by removing all residue from your face before going to bed. It is also important to find a skin care product that is right for your skin. If you have oily, normal or sensitive skin, there are various skin products available for you to use.

Mary Kay cosmetics is a good place to start. This product has been around ever since 1963 and was founded by Mary Kay Ash. Mary Kay is used by many women around the world and has lived up to its name when it comes to having beautiful skin. If you are in need of a Mary K consultant, please contact one of the ladies listed below.

Charlotte Worthy, Independent Senior Sales Director

Gracie Thomas, Independent Beauty Consultant

Zelda Hill, Independent Beauty Consultant