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Teens To QueensShira Lawrence

There’s a new awesome business that is making a great impact on teens in a very positive way. Shira Lawrence is the proud owner of the outstanding business Teens To Queens. This new nonprofit business in Macon, Georgia that is helping teen girls not just survive, but thrive. When Shira Lawrence was growing up, her family didn’t talk much about her future, finances, her self-worth or how her decisions would impact her life. Her parents were in the Military. There wasn’t a lot of conversation going on at her house, because of her parents busy schedules. Shira feels that if there would have been more communication going on between her and her parents, her outlook on life would have been a lot better as well. Later, this prompted Shira to start her business Teens To Queens. She wanted to inspire other teen girls to transition into inspiring Queens so that they will have a better opportunity and to be more prepared for the real world. Teens To Queens is a nonprofit organization in Central Georgia created to be a distinguished resource for girls ages 13-19. On May 21- May 23, 2021 there will be a Teen to Queen Summit for Teens To Queens. Registration is opened now. For more information go to Teen To Queens is an awesome business and is a great opportunity for teens across Middle Georgia.