Business – Soul Food Throwdown

October 1, 2022

Shannon Doward Burrough

We all like to eat good food, no matter who you are. It is something that our bodies naturally crave. Some people prefer to eat out at restaurants, where others simply prefer eating at home. No matter what the case my be, it all boils down to one thing – we all like to eat. We also need to eat to live in this world, and eating healthy is the key to living a great, and healthy life. Cooking is a skill that many people have, and enjoy doing for others. This type of business can be a natural born skill where some people are born to cook just about anything with no prior training for it. Other people seek professional training, and practice to cook whatever meal that they need to. However, there is a master chef in Georgia, and her name is Mrs. Shannon Doward Burrough.

Cooking is nothing new to this master chef who can cook up just about anything, with a little spark of that real soul food taste. Shannon has been seen in schools, churches, homes, businesses and just any place that you can name, this master chef has been there. Her food is so good, it is called soul food. You only get that title when you are a great cook, and Shannon is all that, and more than a bag of chips. If you are in the need for someone to cook you your next tasty feast, Shannon is the person for you. Don’t delay call Shannon today for your special events. Check her out on her website today. Oh taste and see that the food is so good at ”Soul Food Throwdown.”

Written by Cheryl Clay


soul food throwdown