Business – OWAD Massage Therapy – Sharon Miliner

Owner: Sharon Miliner

We all work hard in life at some point in time. Some of us have busy jobs that requires a lot of our time, not to mention having to spend long hours and sometimes driving a very long distance to get to work. Some people do not have to drive a long distance but still have to carry a heavy load from time to time at home. Whatever the case may be, having that quiet time just to pamper yourself is so importance. OWAD Massage Therapy is a great place to start. This five-star business offers the best when it comes to massages and is a mobile massage therapy as well. After retiring from the Air Force, Mrs. Miliner had a vision to open up a full-time massage therapy business. This would be a space where other massage therapists will be able to build their business. As of November 28, 2020, the business is open by appointment only due to COVID-19. So, give yourself some tender loving care at OWAD Massage Therapy soon, you’ll be singing and shouting “I Feel Good!”

Sharon Miliner