Business – KPB Designs by Christian Brooks

September 5, 2021

In today’s society, there is always a need for different types of designs for various occasions. Some people find it
very pleasing to have designs that are very creative and pleasing to their needs and desires. In fact, some
people will travel around the world, just to find that certain design that stands out and ones that are pleasing to
the eyes of those who desires them. When it comes to creating designs, it takes a very special person to create
and bring to life, something will bring excitement and pleasure to people who likes designs. Christian Brooks is a
very creative designer, and her creative work speaks for itself. KPB Designs by Christian Brooks is an awesome
and amazing business. Her designs are hand painted stickers, keychains, cards, and more. Christian also does
original watercolor illustrations. Each design starts with a piece of paper, a pencil, a couple of brushes and
watercolor palettes. If you are looking for some of the best created designs around, check out KPB Designs
which are some of the best designs around. You can follow Christian and her KPB Designs by going to You can check Christian on Facebook by going to


Written by Cheryl Clay