Business – Jousha Ratchford Jr.

September 1, 2022

Jousha Ratchford Jr.

If you want to meet an amazing, and outstanding young man, you must meet Joshua Ratchford Jr. I have known him for a few years at Fellowship Bible Baptist Church. He is a unique young man in many ways. Joshua has always been active in ministry at FBBC. He participated in the theatrical ministry under the leadership of Kenny Jones, and he has remain active in the youth and male choir. When Joshua sings, he puts so much energy into it you cannot stay in your seat. He has been singing all his life and trust me, it is obvious. Joshua is now 12 years old living in Bonaire, Georgia and is a native of Memphis Tennessee. He is a recording artist, song writer, actor, talk show host, and film producer. He accepted his calling as a minister at the age of five years old. Even during the pandemic, Joshua did not let a situation as serious as this stand in his way. He recorded two singles (Sing Child, and I’ll Go Home for Christmas). In addition to all the other awesome things Joshua has done in life, he was also a junior journalist for the local News 13 WMAZ. He also has his own fashion line which can be found on his website. Joshua Ratchford Jr, is an outstanding young man. To find out more about Joshua, and his business, check out his website or email him at


Written by Cheryl Clay


Matthew Hudson III