Business – Glammed By Kalee

October 4, 2021

Glammed by KaleeKaleena Marshall

Kaleena Marshall is a professional makeup artist, and is one of the best in her business. When it comes to doing professional work as a makeup artist, a person must be well trained to be able to carry out a project and to get it done in the most awesome way possible. Kaleena knows how to bring out the beauty in makeup that will satisfy her customers in such an awesome and beautiful way. Glammed by Kalee specializes in Natural Makeup so that the look will have that special appeal and a beautiful Natural Glow. Glammed by Kalee is truly a blessing and with two locations, one in Cochran, Georgia and in Warner Robins, Georgia, their will certainly be enough beautification going around for many people, For more information about this most amazing and outstanding business, go to Kaleena Marshall website at or via email. Ladies, let Glammed by Kalee bring out that Awesome Natural Beauty in You!

Written by Cheryl Clay