Business – Deborah Dixon Graphic Designer

Navigator Cover Design by Deborah DixonMrs. Deborah Dixon has been in the graphic business for quite some time now and is a professional at whatever she does. Mrs. Dixon can design just about anything and enjoys doing it. She has also done graphic work for various churches and businesses. This type of work requires someone who is very capable and knowledgeable about designing and is willing to put in the time that is required to produce quality work. Some of Mrs. Dixon’s work includes Church programs, books, journals and so much more. The graphic business is an open market and is a rewarding one as well. Mrs. Dixon is known for doing outstanding and unique designs. She studied business development at Delta Business College and learned the necessary skills for working in the field of graphics. Mrs. Dixon is presently working as a graphic designer for FBBC and 3 different UPS Stores. If you are in need of a good graphic designer or just need information about the graphic business, Deborah Dixon will certainly be the person for you! Mrs. Dixon can be contacted at