Business – Catherine S. Sewing Alteration

November 4, 2021

Catherine S. Grant

You often hear the term “alterations” in sewing refers to taking a commercial garment and changing it to improve appearance of the fit. Professional seamstress will often provide alteration services to the public, however, if you know how to sew then you can alter your own commercial garments for a customized fit. Alterations can make a garment look more couture due to the custom fit to your body type. Catherine S. Sewing Alteration is one of the best alteration businesses around. Her business is  top notch and she specializes in sewing, needlework, and piece goods. If you are in the market for some quality and unique alteration services, then Catherine S. Sewing Alteration is the place for you.


Her business was founded in 2010 and has grown to be one of the best alteration businesses in Warner Robins, Georgia and surrounding areas. Catherine S. Sewing Alterations is located at 201 Lazy H L N  Warner Robins, Georgia.31093. Her contact number is 478-909-5329. Don’t delay, let Catherine S.  Sewing Alteration take care of all of your alteration needs, and have you looking your very best!

Written by Cheryl Clay