Business – CakeConsole

Cake Console

Owner: Madge Mantle-Dickson

On December 18th, 2018, in Queens, New York, Madge Mantle-Dickson in a dream on her friend’s sofa heard the words “CakeConsole”. Four years later, CakeConsole has been in many homes internationally as well as across the United States including St. Croix.

CakeConsole specializes in succulent Jamaican Black Cake or Fruit Cake, made with macerated fruits and spices, and other special blends. Sorrel (a red drink made from hibiscus plant), Ginger Beer and Pineapple Ginger Juice are also available on the menu.

Having served several families at wedding anniversaries, milestone birthday parties, as well as delivered gift boxes to their customers for Valentine’s Day and other celebrations. CakeConsole continues to grow and expand throughout the world.

CakeConsole and all products were endorsed by Joy Reid of MSNBC on Boxing Day, December26th, 2021 as well as many other families. So, if you are unable to complete your baking for the holiday season, you may order it from CakeConsole. To place your order or try our other specialties, Contact us!

Phone: 718.926.9143
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Written by Cheryl Clay