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Anatomic Productions by Lekisha YoungLekisha Young

Lekisha Young is a 27 year old business owner from Swainsboro, Georgia. She is a business owner, assistant tennis coach at Fort Valley State University, and a marketing specialist in Macon, Georgia. Her career as an artist began in 2011. She knew first hand that her passion was for art and science, however, she chose to pursue a degree in biology because of its high demands and job market. She later realized that her passion for arts was rooted deep inside of her, and was growing stronger and stronger each day. During her time as a percussionist in the Fort Valley Marching Band, she met fellow musicians that were art majors. She later showed them some of her work and they introduced her to the faculty and staff in the art department. Lekisha told her mother how excited she was about art and later changed her major that next day. In April 2015, she hosted her first solo art exhibition and sold her first piece during the show. Lekisha published one of her art pieces in a local magazine called Reality Check Magazine. To this day, Lekisha attribute all of her enhancement of her photography and videography skills to the Director of Bands Jonathan Thompson. Through this opportunity, her work has been exposed to thousands of individuals across the U.S and internationally. It also prompted the business Anatomic Productions. To find out more about Anatomic Production, go to You will be very impressed and amazed at what God has done for Lekisha Young and her outstanding business Anatomic Productions.