Athletic Ministry

athletic ministry

Tracy Joseph, Otus Miliner, Darren Watson

The athletic ministry connects children to Jesus Christ, by engaging them in a variety of creative activities and games, that are design to motivate and instill positives valves and fun. The athletic ministry offers good spirited competition through Christian value of peace, love, joy and fellowship. An athletic ministry is also effective when the ministry has a group of ministry leaders who are willing to take the time to plan an effective program, designed to motivate and instill leadership and team work as much as possible. An athletic ministry can provide a wonderful opportunity to bring the unchurched closer to a relationship with Christ. An athletic ministry is a wonderful ministry for any church. It will bring children together and will instill Christian values that will create a more positive outlook in life. The ministry will also bring an awareness for children to work hard and to never give up. The athletic ministry at Fellowship Bible Baptist Church creates various streams of athletic programs for youth and adults. The ministry leaders are outstanding, and the programs are fun, creative and motivational. The athletic ministry at FBBC will also remind children and adults, to be mindful of their duties as a Christian, when it comes to working together as a team.


Written by Cheryl Clay