Wellness Wisdom – January is Thyroid Disease Awareness Month

January 7, 2023

Written by Nicole Baldwin FNP-C, Family Nurse Practitioner

Thyroid Awareness MonthHello Fellowship Bible Baptist Church Family! This month allow me to talk with you about Thyroid Disease. Have you been feeling tired, gaining weight, or feeling depressed? Are you concerned about thinning hair, dry skin, poor sleep quality, or heart palpitations? You may have thyroid dysfunction.

The thyroid is a small gland responsible for producing many hormones of the body. There is no way to prevent thyroid dysfunction. It could be genetically linked or just a random occurrence that happens in adults. Stress and other factors can worsen thyroid disorders and that’s when it is usually diagnosed. It is estimated that 30 million Americans have thyroid disease and half of these are undiagnosed or not properly treated. It is easy to diagnose thyroid disease with simple blood tests. Speak with your primary care provider about your concerns and request an assessment of your thyroid. You should also monitor your thyroid when using certain supplements like Vitamin C, B Complex Vitamins, and Sea moss to name a few. These supplements while beneficial in other areas, may cause in increase in thyroid hormone levels altering your body’s natural function. Changes in thyroid hormones as a side effect of supplements may be properly adjusted by reducing or stopping the supplement. It is always important to follow up with your primary care provider when taking supplements.

Always remember, keep regular appointments with your primary care provider to monitor your overall health. Be Healthy and Stay Well!