Wellness Wisdom – Know Your Status

December 1, 2018

December 1 is world Aids Day

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that attacks cells in the immune system by destroying a white blood cell called the T-helper (CD4 cells) cells and makes copes of itself inside these cells. This destruction and replication of CD4 cells well gradually weaken your immune system and without taking any antiretroviral treatment will make it harder to fight off infections and diseases.

If left untreated it will take between 10-15 years for your immune system to be severely damaged and can no longer defend against any disease. HIV is found in semen, blood vaginal and anal fluids, and breast milk. It can be transmitted through sweat, saliva and/or urine. A person with HIV can live a long and healthy life by taking antiretroviral treatment. The sooner diagnosed the sooner treatment can start which means the longer life. Regular HIV testing is very important to know your state.

Using external condoms during sex the best way to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. If you inject drugs always use a clean needle.

AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is a set of symptoms caused by HIV. AIDs is also called the advanced HIV infection or late stage HIV. A person with AIDS immune system is too weak to fight off infection and have developed defining symptoms and illnesses. In the last stage of AIDS, the infection is very advance and leads to death if left untreated. There are fewer people that
develop AIDS now because of treatment for HIV.

Although there is no cure for HIV, knowing your status and with the right treatment and support people are living with HIV longer.

Know your status and get tested.


Written by LaVella Head