Security Ministry

Bernard Chambers

FBBC SecurityThe security ministry at Fellowship Bible Baptist Church does an excellent job in making sure that everyone is in a safe and secure
environment. This is a ministry of help, watchfulness, and intercession, on behalf of leadership. The security ministry is
also designed to protect and serve the Pastor and first lady not only physically but spiritually as well. The security ministry serves in all capacities that the pastor deems necessary. This is a very important ministry, which requires the security team to be alert to those entering the grounds and facilities of FBBC. The team tries very hard to ensure that all members feels secure to move freely at all
times. Likewise, the team will protect and serve guest ministers of the pastor when they are attending services or events that are provided through FBBC, The security ministry is a very powerful ministry and the members have a servant type position given to the most trusted, mature Christian men who always have the pastor’s best interest at heart. The selection of security is subject to the final approval of the pastor. We are so grateful to know that God has enabled FBBC to have an outstanding security ministry. To God Be The Glory for all of the powerful things that He has done and is doing through the security ministry.