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Use this space for a short introduction that welcomes people to the blog and describes its purpose. Blogs differ from news in that they are often more philosophical, story-focused, or opinion-based. They are a great way to introduce a sermon topic at the beginning of a week or to explain a hard decision to the congregation, for example.

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We Have The Victory

Belief in the sacrificial death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ assures us of salvation – living eternally in the presence of God. (Rom 10:9). Christ has given us the ultimate victory – victory over death. And that within itself is more than enough to persuade us to dedicate our lives to His service and praise.

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The Unbeatable God of Victory

The Unbeatable God of Victory

We like to win. Whether it’s our team that’s winning or as individuals winning – from our jobs to the pickle ball court – we like to win. We frame our desire to win around what we like to say is our competitive nature.

Business- Houston Vascular Associates

Business- Houston Vascular Associates

Houston Vascular Associates is a very awesome business. The team is unique and professional which enables them to do the great work that they do.