Ministry in Action: Women of Worth Ministry

The Women’s Ministry at FBBC makes up an essential component in the DNA make-up of the church. Established by the founding Mother of FBBC, Sister Gloria Reid, the Women’s Ministry held their monthly meetings every fourth Saturday at what is now known as the Genesis Center.

According to Karen Strong, Spokesperson/Leader of the Women’s Ministry, the overall goal is to “draw women closer to Christ and support the mission of FBBC. We do this by building on the relational, spiritual and emotional needs of women.” The Ministry presently meets on a monthly basis and they attend yearly women’s conferences to enhance the growth of the Ministry.

As it pertains to the community, Strong states that they have been involved in monthly outreach projects for years. “this year we have two major initiatives that we will focus on within the community.”

Even with the arrival of FBBC’s new leader, Pastor Morgan, the Ministry boasts that it has garnered consistent support and freedom too. “Pastor Morgan allows the Women’s Ministry the freedom to do things “outside of the box.” He is very supportive of new ideas that will draw others closer to Christ,” said Strong. In addition, the First Lady plays an active role in the planning of women’s events and encouraging the women of God.

As FBBC’s Women’s Ministry takes off into the future, the Ministry wants the church to continue to pray for their impact on the community and church and for women to get involved. It will change your life. Currently the Ministry is open to all the women of FBBC. If you would like to be a part of the planning committee, email Karen Strong at

As for now, Strong closes with this “expect the unexpected each time we meet…the best is yet to come!”

Written by LaToya Robinson