Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I Park?

When you arrive on our campus, you will be greeted by a parking attendant that will ensure that you get the best parking spot available.


What Time Does Service Start?

Our Worship Services begin at 10 am every Sunday. Our Bible Study is held on Wednesdays beginning at 12 pm in the Willie L. Reid Multipurpose Building, and at 6:30 pm in the Faith Dome.


Which Building Is Which?

Our gymnasium is located on 420 Dunbar Road. Directly across the street from The Faith Dome (located on 450 Dunbar Road), you will first see The Genesis Center – our original sanctuary that is now used for Christian Enrichment classes. To the left of The Genesis Center is The Chapel – our most recent sanctuary prior to The Faith Dome. It is now used for smaller events as well as Christian Enrichment classes. Behind the Genesis Center and The Chapel is the Willie L. Reid Multipurpose Building. This building serves as our Administration office, our Fellowship Hall, and Christian Enrichment classes are also held in this building. The Genesis Center, Chapel, and Willie L. Reid Multipurpose Building are all located at 431 Dunbar Road.


Do You Have Anything For Kids?

Absolutely! We have a dynamic Youth Ministry called the Youth Empowerment Zone (YEZ), led by our Youth Director, Rev. Tony Lowden. Youth Church is held on 3rd and 4th Sundays at 10am in The Chapel. On 2nd Sundays, we have Y.E.S. (Youth Emphasis Services) Sunday, in which the Worship Experience is completely run by our Youth.

How Long Is Your Worship Service?

Our Worship Experience normally last anywhere between an hour and a half to two hours.


Will Pastor Tolan Morgan be preaching this Sunday?

Pastor Morgan does not miss many Sundays at The Ship. However, should he not be there, all of our Associate Ministers are capable of delivering God’s Word.


How Should I Dress?

We encourage you to dress comfortably. Whether “comfortable” for you means wearing a suit, a nice dress, jeans, or a T-Shirt, we invite you to come! All we ask is that you be mindful that our House of Worship is a family friendly environment.


Does Your Pastor Connect With His Members?

Pastor Tolan Morgan is a true peoples’ person that believes in connecting with his members. Every Sunday, he, along with his wife, Lady Laneen, can be seen shaking hands and greeting parishioners after Worship. He looks forward to meeting and greeting you.

Worship With Us

We look forward to you worshipping with us at The Ship! Please fill out the form below to let us know you’re coming.