Elysian Oil Bar

January 2, 2021

Elysian Oil BarThe awesome Christie Hall is the creator / inventor for the Elysian Oil Bar. Christie is one outstanding young lady. Christie has always had a passion to create and discover new things. After having a skin condition on her scalp, Christie put her brilliant mind into practice and discovered a product that could help her own skin condition and the Elysian Oil Bar was created. Christie also created a product that help men with their beards. Christie’s brother asked her to create a product that could be helpful for beards and she did just that. What an amazing young lady who trust and believe that God can do anything. Christie creates custom oil blends for hair scalp, body and beards. The hair oil can be applied to relaxed hair as well.
For more information about any of Christie’s products, please visit:
Website: http://www.elysianoilbar.com
Facebook: Elysian Oil Bar
Instagram: Elysian Oil Bar

Fellowship is blessed to have such an amazing member as Christie, who is doing great things to help people all around the world with her new products. Congratulations Christie, continue to allow God to lead and guide you to do great things in His name.

Written by Cheryl Clay